To walk the talk

The Environmental Brand Experience

The head quarter is the ponding heart of the company. The base. It’s where we invite investors, steering committees, customers, clients, resellers and potential employees. It’s the soil for our ambassadors and main asset – our co-workers.

The head office is actually our brand’s best marketplace. Our 365-days-a-year channel. The crossroads for all target groups. And we already pay for the channel. Can we afford not to use it fully?

The more digitalized we become – the more impact the actual physical impressions and experiences become. In an era where sustainability is key, more and more companies are evaluating sustainable long-term investments for brand- and marketing activities, considering the obvious platform for all major contacts. Not the least, finding synergies for the content and production developed for external channels. 

The effect of working inside-out, starting at the head quarter could not be underestimated. It’s is the first impression for all new encounters and the everyday platform for co-workers. Does it reflect the brand identity in shapes, colours, graphics and overall appearance? Does it communicate our brand promise, offers and ongoing activities? Does it tell our story of past, present and future visions?

We have through the years had the confidence to work closely with a wide range of brands in developing the ultimate brand experience in physical environment. From interior office branding, pop-up expo’s and showrooms to entire experience centres. Among our collaborations you will find e.g. Scania, SAAB, Tele2 & Atlas Copco. We are proud to present some more of our work at

Being a 100+ year old company or a start-up, there is no stronger story to tell, than yours. It could be done in many ways. But it always pays off. Sharing is caring.

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Jenny Asp

Senior Account Director/Brand Strategist