The power of storytelling

In live events and brand experience marketing, you have a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in an emotional way.   

Your tools are visual, sound, temperature, scent and even physical touch. Not to mention the true element of surprise. 

We as producers use this to the max. We want to create emotions and move people in a way, that they can’t duck. With this canvas, we do more than just inform or convey messages – we tell stories. 

The logic is simple – by packaging our messages with storytelling, we add a great deal of stickiness to them. We make them easier to understand, by putting our messages in a context and story that our target group can relate to. 

If traditional communication such as presentations and film is great, then storytelling is the “ninja-level” of communication. 

The art of storytelling isn’t very hard to learn. There are a few models out there, and some classic things to focus on. For example: get rid of all unnecessary details that stand in the way for your story. And make sure that the essence of your story is crystal clear. 

So, when planning your next event – reflect on what story you could tell. Let your creativity flow free regarding the situation that your message reaches your audience – it might just be possible to achieve.  


Ola Bringle

Creative Director