Case X

Client: Confidential


The story of when Covid hit the big telco

As the market leader in their trade, our client is constantly battling against new competitors and an ever-changing market. To stay on top, an annual event is produced where they get to meet their clients and talk to them. Just one week before the event was planned, the pandemic hit Sweden and we had to re-think.


What PS Occasion brought to the table

The initial plan: a day packed with breakouts, sessions and mingling for eight hours was thrown in the trash. We compressed the program into two hours, packed with the most important and vital parts to be able to keep the agenda exciting and quick – the only way to keep an online audience focused.


The result

The new format for the annual event gave our client an explosive record in number of participants with a total of 12  000 attendees. Naturally, this had a great impact on our client and gave the sales team more leads than any other event. After this, our client will probably never go back to their old format, at least we don’t think so.