Case Y

Client: Confidential


The story of when Covid hit the real estate company

In difficult times the client wanted to gather their employees and make them excited for the tasks ahead whilst getting a chance to learn from each other. Sustainability is a big part of their strategy and everyone needs to board the train towards a sustainable future.


What PS Occasion brought to the table

We brought the management team into a studio together with a well renowned moderator and made an intimate and exciting live-show, where sustainability had a big part of the agenda. The participants had several breaks around their digital coffee-table to mingle and to reflect. A mix of pre-recorded material infused in the program kept the viewers attentive and alert throughout the broadcast.


The result

100% on the invited participants logged in and everyone stayed logged in throughout the entire broadcast – something you don’t see every day with online events where the attention span is much shorter. The evaluation has shown that everyone has gotten a much better understanding for sustainability and that everyone is excited to make an even bigger change!