Demo Expo Concept

Client: IBM Client Center Nordic

PS Occasion had the honor to collaborate with the IBM team in developing the new IBM Client Center in Kista. The assignment included both the permanent Environmental Branding and the Demo Expo Concept, presenting IBM solutions.

The project process included: Research  > Analysis > Strategy  > Concept  > Implementation. The concept was based on IBM’s Brand Identity and Brand Architecture and was developed to be flexible, scalable, relevant and valid over time. The main strategy in the Experience Area was to base the exhibition on IBM’s hero brands.

The demo concept was based on three main components presenting each demo: Introduction to the project Digital solution by IBM Eye catcher, associated with the project.

The graphical communication concept highlights the Project Initiator, Project Name and the IBM Solution icon. It also contains concept and graphical guidelines for all signage.

In this edition of the demo expo solution, sustainability was key. Therefore, we based our creative solution on existing podiums, developing a new dynamic through working on different heights. The signage concept was developed to give a 360 access to each demo and story.

The upgraded IBM Client Center Nordic was inaugurated December 10th, 2019, the day of the Nobel Prize Ceremony, to honor the four Nobel Prizes, won by six IBM employees in 1973, 1986, 1987 and 2014.