Digital Suppliers Meeting

Client: Kronans Apotek


The mission

In 2020, a lot of people are feeling insecurity and anxiety for the future. In these times, Kronans Apotek wants to show their suppliers that they are a stable and secure partner to count on in difficult times, whilst informing everyone about their developed and digital offer and how they can help their suppliers.

PS Occasion’s solution

To tackle this problem, PS Occasion produced a live-on-tape broadcast, filled with “pep” and inspiration from guests and celebrated speakers – preparing everyone for the bright and sustainable future we all look forward to, together with Kronans Apotek.

The result

The digital suppliers meeting made a big impact on the participants. Evaluations have showed that the awareness of Kronans Apotek’s offer has increased significantly. The insecurity for the future seems to have diminished as as the participants got inspired to make a change.