Retail Day Postnord

Retail Day

Client: PostNord

As so much else, one has to rethink old concepts and ideas due to new conditions. PostNord has held their Retail Day for over a decade, an event who until 2020 used to be physical and take place during a full day and host several visitors on site. When going digital, of course you have to rethink and redo. And PostNord were quick to adjust.

How long is the attention spam for someone joining in on a broadcast? How do you increase the level of participation and create a buzz around this kind of event? And how do you take something that used to be a full day of activities and experiences and turn it in to a 2- or 3-hour broadcast?

Well, you have to create something different. Together with PostNord we made sure to keep the energy high and the content relevant throughout the entire broadcast. As one of the leaders within e-commerce development, PostNord want to clear the path by sharing unique knowledge and analyses with their audience. Focusing entirely on the present and the future – a concept that was communicated both leading up to, during and after the event.

By keeping it digital, you also have to get to the point fast. Therefore, all knowledge was communicated through panel discussions with interesting speakers and by motion graphics instead of your usual presentation. As a result, we were able to reach wider and create an event that was as inspiring, as it was sustainable and productive.