5 design trends
you need to know

Frida Alfthan, designer at PS Occasion, visited Milan Design Week a few weeks ago. What’s cooking at the global benchmark event for the furnishing and design sector? Here are Frida’s takeaways.


1. 3D printing is here to stay

At the Shanghai Pavilion, alternative materials were explored, including 3D-printed ceramics. This technology enables a new design language and a level of intricacy previously unseen. For instance, it is possible to create ceramics with surfaces resembling textiles.

2. Recycled materials don’t need to look recycled

Installations were seen everywhere, where recycled materials took on new unexpected forms. From rhinos constructed from computer keys to tabletops made from food waste.

3. Trigger the senses

By combining visuals, sound, light, and tactile elements, an unforgettable experience can be created. In Audi’s booth, all senses were engaged. From the crunch of gravel underfoot to interactive screens and lighting. On an interactive table, guests were invited to touch parts of a car and explore its various new features on interactive screens.

4. Challenge scale and dimensions to create impact in traditional settings

At Louis Vuitton, using AI, a three-dimensional large-scale public installation was constructed. Throughout the city, enormous portals were created using recycled fabric and by-products from the clothing industry’s production.

5. Claim the space.

At the Elle Decor Pavilion, the iconic magazine transformed a 19th-century apartment into an immersive experience exploring light. ‘The Art of Light’ showcased the significance of light as an architectural element capable of taking on endless varieties of forms.

Frida Alfthan, designer and
art director

Who is Frida?
I work as a Designer and Art Director. In the projects, I work on both developing the concepts and bringing them to life in production. The job is very diverse, and I have the opportunity to work on many different types of projects. It suits me perfectly – I am a curious person who enjoys solving problems.”

What difference does good design make?
Good design evokes reactions and stirs emotions. But it can also help people grasp complex messages or create a stronger experience.

What would you like to design?
A dream would be to design a fashion show for a major fashion house. A catwalk is often something where a concept can truly be taken all the way and evoke all the senses. Sound, light, invitations – it would be magnificent!

Frida Alfthan