New brand promise and visual identity

With a new brand promise and a new visual identity, it was high time to update the website.

We’ve let Alice Nordwall, content creator, and Anna Pesula, head of sustainability, tell us more…

What are the thoughts behind the new website?

Alice: ”We wanted to create a page that better reflects who we are and what we do. We also wanted to express our new identity and brand promise in a more comprehensive way. The new site is also more technically optimized and works better in the digital ecosystem.”

What should I check out in particular?

Alice: “Of course, we are very proud of all the projects we’ve done together with our clients. You will find them under ‘Work.’ Just to mention one project, check out the Join Sweden case, which was recently awarded silver in the Golden Wheel.”

What does the new brand promise “Building brands for a sustainable future” mean?

Anna: ”We needed to clarify our purpose for customers, partners and ourselves. By adding the word “sustainable” to our promise, we commit ourselves even more to coaching our customers in creating sustainable events and communication.”

How do you work around sustainability issues?

Anna: “We have a systematic way of working with sustainable development. Continuously, we refine it by developing our tools and partnerships. Our ambition is for more people in the industry to adopt our way of working. Hopefully, our new tagline will be redundant in the not too distant future! By the way, read more on our new website’s Sustainability page.”