Ägare PS Occasion

A new era for our agency

The agency of the future is equal, strategic, creative and driven by employees’ commitment and enthusiasm. We work purpose-driven with both ecological, social and economic sustainability in focus.

We are sensitive to change and we drive our industry forward. PS Occasion has a long history of challenging and developing our industry and we have done so in many different forms and ownership constellations.

Now we are taking a step into a new era. As from now, most of PS Occasion will be employee-owned.

We have chosen to go against the trend where agencies are acquired by global networks and ownership is moving further and further away from the business. We have chosen to invest in ourselves.

In total, we are thirteen employees from all different professions who now enter as co-owners. We are proud to have an ownership group consisting of a majority of women, that we have a female CEO and women in management group, board and other leading positions.

We have always been driven by change and right now we are extra proud of what we have, and are about to achieve. From today, we answer to ourselves and together we can shape the agency of the future. With even greater commitment, drive and faith in the future, we will continue to develop and do fantastic things together. We have probably never been so excited about the future as we are now.

Top-left: Kent Lovén, Art Director. Tanja Rutherhagen, Brand Strategy. Anna Pesula, Head of Sustainability. Martin Karlsson, Creative producer. Pia Möller, CFO. Magnus Nygren, Agency Manager Gothenburg. Richard Farman, Creative Director
Bottom-left: Anna Keszler, Head of Production Managers. Daniel Petersson, Account Director. Marie Lasota, Managing Director. Fredrik Håkansson, Head of Creatives. Julia Basic, Agency Manager Stockholm. Aprilia Biveson, Head of Sales