Boost Your Culture

A post pandemic must

8 insights into what you need to know when boosting your culture in a post-pandemic world.

In 2021, we at PS Occasion released the report ”How Corona affects experiential marketing and physical events“. Now, a few years later, we find ourselves in the aftermath of the pandemic where we as a brand experience agency have seen an increased demand for employee engagement and activations. Because – how do you achieve a balance between individual freedom and a sense of belonging to your organization in a hybrid work environment? And what happens to the culture when you don’t meet and interact?

We wanted to dig deeper, and in this report we have concluded our findings from studies performed by Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, and Gartner. We have also performed interviews with five individuals from various backgrounds and experiences. Based on this material, we have identified recurring conclusions regarding what to avoid and what needs more attention to thrive and grow as a company in a hybrid work environment.

We also have performed our own survey together with Yuogov, where we wanted to find out if there are any connections between sense belonging and people experiences.

And now we want to share all of this with you!



  • Mattias Falkehag – Partner at Netlight
  • Karin Zingmark – Author, Keynote Speaker and Advisor
  • Henrik Fontin – HR Consultant and Advisor
  • Sofia Falk – Organizational Consultant and expert on diversity, equality, and inclusion
  • Erik Bohjort – Leg. Psychologist and Behavioural Specialist at Nordic Behaviour Group

Download the report here