Welome to Backstage!

Guest: Hannes Hasselroth, CEO Kronans Apotek
Artist: Stephen Simmonds,
Host: Richard Farman, Creative Director PS Occasion

Backstage PS Occasion

Before summer, we booked a studio and invited Hannes Hasselroth, CEO of Kronans Apotek to come join us. To set the mode, Stephen Simmonds was our special guest.

Watch how Hannes shares his views on the past, present, and future and how it affects the retail and shopping industry and how Kronans Apotek has layed out their path.

You’ll also get to enjoy Stephen Simmonds at the piano, and you might know that Hannes also has a talent that he shares with us. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

About Backstage

Backstage is PS Occasions own format where we together with our clients customize a show for their customers och employees, inviting them backstage. Be it a a series of episodes or a teaser prior to an event, or even an event substitute. The format is all set and ready for you to plug and play.

Interested? Contact Aprilia for more details regarding pricing, format and time schedule.

Aprilia Biveson, Head of Business Development

+46 73 429 6572