Creating inclusive communication

Pål Roos, Planner PS Occasion

Diversity Month

Diversity Month 2024

In May, the Diversity Month event takes place. During 2024, the theme ‘Embracing the future of work through inclusion and diversity’ puts focus on inclusion in the modern workplace.

During this year, we at PS Occasion have taken the theme to heart, by, among other things, interviewing some of our team members about their perspective and thoughts on the subject of diversity and inclusion.

How can one communicate more inclusively?

“Avoid stereotypes in imagery – reflect society with all its variations. Also ensure that everyone can access the communication regardless of disability: using easy-to-read language, clear color combinations, and crisp typography. It can be as simple as ensuring your videos have subtitles.”

What opportunities and risks comes with AI?

“AI-driven translation platforms such as Wordly enable powerful two-way translations in audio and text, allowing more people to participate and engage in dialogue. At the same time, you need to be attentive when using generative AI, such as Chat-GPT or Midjourney, for tasks like image and text generation. Based on existing data, it tends to reinforce norms and even biases.”

What can be gained from communicating more inclusively?

“By reflecting diversity, you not only cultivate loyalty but also become relevant to more people. So it’s not just for a good cause but also profitable. Ultimately, it’s about strengthening democratic society and allowing more individuals to be seen and heard.”