How to create more inclusive experiences

European Diversity Month 2024

May is European Diversity Month, celebrated across the EU. The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and across our societies. For us at PS Occasion, we constantly strive to influence our network. 

The business sector plays a crucial role in the fight against discrimination and in ensuring diversity and inclusion. A prime driver behind Diversity Month is therefore Diversity Charter Sweden – the Swedish branch of the world’s largest diversity and inclusion network. By joining the network, members commit to actively creating an inclusive work environment across all seven discrimination grounds covered by the law.

For us at PS Occasion, the collaboration is a way to actively promote the issues as well as benefit from the vast knowledge within the network.

This year, the theme ”Embracing the future of work through inclusion and diversity“, focuses on inclusion in the modern workplace. We want to do our part in racing awareness for diversity during the Diversity Month initative, and have therefore asked several of our own team members to share their perspective on the topic, from a brand experience standpoint.

Do not miss out on any of these interviews. Happy reading!