A diversity checklist

Eva Ruttkay, Executive Producer PS Occasion

Diversity Month

Diversity Month 2024

In May, the Diversity Month event takes place. During 2024, the theme ‘Embracing the future of work through inclusion and diversity’ puts focus on inclusion in the modern workplace.

During this year, we at PS Occasion have taken the theme to heart, by, among other things, interviewing some of our team members about their perspective and thoughts on the subject of diversity and inclusion.

The checklist

  • Ensure inclusion and visibility of different groups and various perspectives through speakers, participants, and marketing materials. It’s not enough to only have a female moderator or key notes in an all-male packed stage. Put pressure on the client.
  • Make sure that not only content and participation on stage is diverse but also the project groups. Both from us and from the client.
  • The event needs to be accessible for everyone. Make sure you have a plan for that.
  • Create interactive activities to include the participants. Involvement is the key to a successful event. Its past tense to massproduce content from stage. Diversify the content to make it more accessible.
  • Make sure the moderator is neutral and doesn’t have a personal agenda.
  • Create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.
  • Be open to feedback and be flexible.