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PS Occasion Event

KPMG 100Y Celebration

Celebrating a century of Swedish success. With almost 2000 guests, multiple events within the event and several venues, we created a cohesive experience for every single guest, where they felt proud to be part of KPMG Sweden and get closer to their values. To top things off, the event was certified as a sustainable event.

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KPMG 100 år Event

ELLE Galan 2023

For the first time, Aller Media was on the hunt for a new design and production partner for the awards. 7 agencies where to give suggestions – and the choice fell on us.
We developed and challenged the old ways by suggestion a new layout, a new approach and a new conceptual take on the biggest fashion event of the year – ELLE Galan.

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ELLE Galan byrå

Join Sweden Summit 2022

There are some projects that stands out. That force you to question everything. Ones that can have true impact if done right.

This was a meeting place for some of the world’s most important decision makers. Our task was to convince them to establish or expand their presence in Sweden.

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magdalena andersson join sweden summit 2022

The Swedish Steel Prize

For more than 20 years, the prize has recognized steel innovators who find new solutions that contribute to a better and more sustainable world. Around 550 attendees from nearly 50 countries participated in inspirational seminars, live interviews, and panel discussions.

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Steel prize 2023