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Join Sweden Summit 2022

There are some projects that stands out. That force you to question everything. Ones that can have true impact if done right.

This was a meeting place for some of the world’s most important decision makers. Our task was to convince them to establish or expand their presence in Sweden.

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magdalena andersson join sweden summit 2022

Scania Customer Event

Scania is one of our longest partnerships and during 2022 we were given the challenge to activate and create a customer centered event for their Buses and Coaches offer.

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Scania event

H22 City Expo

We were the partner agency when the city of Helsingborg invited the world to together explore the city of the future.

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H22 City Expo

EQT All Staff

1 broadcast, 13 cities, 20 restaurants and 1000 employees all over the world.

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EQT All Staff hybrid event