KPMG Sweden 100Y

Celebrating a century of Swedish success.

KPMG 100 år Event

A Historic Celebration

KPMG Sweden started as Bohlins Revisionsbyrå in 1923 and have been pivotal to the success of Swedish companies over the last 100 years. Yet, the advisors that helped other businesses to flourish often go unnoticed. With this insight we wanted to bring KPMG Sweden into the light, and celebrate both their strong history and everyone that works there. 

A Massive Celebration

With almost 2000 guests, multiple events within the event and several venues this was a massive undertaking. We wanted to create a cohesive experience for every single guest, where they felt proud to be a part of KPMG Sweden and closer to their values. It was equally important to create a sustainable event with smart solutions in every aspect.

The event included four different function conferences, a 1920’s themed party at Berns, a conference at Water Front, a city walk and a big celebration at Avicii Arena.



A Succesful Celebration

A majority of the guests felt their understanding of KPMG’s purpose had increased after the event. The event got high ratings across the board and 78% of the respondent rated the overall experience 8 or higher on a scale between 1 and 10.

KPMG 100Y was also certified as a Sustainable Event.