Vi är här nu

Event collaboration with Just Arrived

Vi är här nu 2022

A meeting place

Just Arrived started in 2015 following the refugee crisis, with the idea that all new competence in Sweden is of value. The ambition is to match individuals with companies and give everyone a chance to start a work life in Sweden.

We at PS Occasion have collaborated with Just Arrived for several years, starting with an event in 2018 that took place at the Central station in Stockholm. The event concept “Vi är här nu” was born, with the goal to shine a light on all new available competence that had ended up in Sweden. A meeting place was created, where newly arrived people got to sit down and meet with potential employers.

The event

As the war in Ukraine broke out during spring of 2022, a similar situation emerged with new people seeking to establish themselves in Sweden. We at PS Occasion reached out to Just Arrived, with the suggestion of redoing the event – and they were not late to say yes.

At hotel Clarion Sign in central Stockholm, we created a meeting place for candidates to talk to Swedish companies and employers, as well as the recruiters at Just Arrived. The need for this became obvious, as 500 candidates came through the doors.

Concept, production, event graphics and logistics by PS Occasion.