A global brand launch

When AFRY was to see the day of light, we executed the internal activation with
a 3-step launch.

Afry brand launch

The Mission

In the spring of 2019, ÅF acquired the Finnish company Pöyry. With the merger, they chose to take the best of history and look to the future with a new brand – AFRY. Creating sustainable solutions for future generations became the company’s purpose-driven vision with the brand promise “Making future”.

The global internal launch of the new brand took form in three-stage process to make it as powerful and efficient as possible, to anchor the new brand and vision with AFRY’s 17 000 employees.

A 3 step launch

The first step was the Leadership Spark where 100 top leaders within the company shaped and anchored the new strategy and vision. The spark for the new brand was ignited. 

The second step was the Leadership Summit where 400 leaders from all over the world gathered for three days in Stockholm. The goal was to make a powerful release of the new brand and strategy and get the leaders on board for the brand journey ahead. 

The third step was the Team Players Meeting – a live broadcast from AFRY’s headquarter in Stockholm addressing all 17 000 employees worldwide. Colleagues all around the world gathered and watched together. The new brand was celebrated and brought to life!