Tele2 Awards 2023
Anything is possible

The 30th anniversary

We have worked with Tele2 for over a decade, and we have had the privilege to for several years work with the amazing Tele2 Awards, one of the largest internal activations in the Nordics. Each year, we work towards the ambition of creating ”The party of the year” – meaning we have to upstage ourselves every time.

In 2023, this was really put to the test as this year marked Tele2’s 30th anniversary.

2000 guests

These awards are possibly the strongest effort to celebrate Tele2:s culture, where every award highlights one of their core values. The purpose is to engage all employees at Tele2 in the company’s values and to create ambassadors. And we know this is something people really look forward to. They are not just hoping for, but expecting, something out of the ordinary.

Anything is possible

We found energy in the Tele2 brand, and wanted to create an evening where anything is possible. The concept symbolizes Tele2:s beginning and future, the challenger spirit that is in the core of their DNA. Tele2:s services work as a catalyst for digital innovation, throughout all of society, showing that anything is possible. The concept is there to guide us in our work and what kind of feelings we want people to have. To our help we had the Tele2 Avatar, as we collected 30 years of Tele2 in one digital consciousness that guided us through the night.

The Experience

As 2000 Tele2 employees gathered at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, we customized the entire experience from start to finish. This entailed a custom buildt stage, a gala dinner, 4 awards, several enterainment acts and performances from some of Swedens most popular artists. Everything was led by our hosts Kodjo Akolor and Linnea Henriksson.