This Is Now TV

Coca-Cola European Partners

Coca cola conference event

Recognize and reconnect

We were challenged to produce a digital conference, for everyone at Coca-Cola in Sweden to enjoy and learn from. 600+ employees from sales, supply-chain and the HQ needed to be recognized and celebrated as the heroes they are. Naturally, the conference needed to connectthe teams and make them feel prideforwhattheyhaveachievedin 2020 – in the faceofadversity.

This is Now Tv

To tackle this challenge, PS Occasion created This is now TV – a live TVformat, focusing on what is caught in between what was and what will be. 

Coca-Cola European Partners This is now TV was a successful, digital conference with a professional TV-host, a documentary on the production line, tons of pre-recorded segments, physical interactivity and an award show. Everything came together in a condensed and entertaining show, enjoyed all over Sweden.