Nordnet NXT Summit

Nordnet NXT Summit

The Summit

Nordnet is a leading pan-Nordic digital platform for savings and investments. They were first in their field and have since been a force to reckon with working towards their mission to democratize savings and investments.

They have grown and attracted talents since day one, and in 2023 it was time to gather all Nordnet employees for the first time since before the pandemic. And we love companies that sees the importance of gathering their whole company and one setting – a format that (when done right) is unmatched in terms of culture boosting.

The Nordnetters

As Norndetters from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden where to meet again – the summit was to be placed in Stockholm. And as most of the over 800 employees are already based in the city, we were quick to identify a way to both show of the city to everyone traveling in, but also create something that your average Stockholmer doesn’t do every day.



The Experience

The experience started by bringing everyone together in a relaxed and unpretentious setting, through a curated After Work experience at Eden. Everyone got to meet, hang out and simply build excitement of the day to come.

The next day, everyone headed to Nacka Strand and the Nordnet NXT Summit of 2023 really kicked off. We worked with the space at this old factory building, and created rooms within the room as we still implemented the large and industrial setting in our set-up. The agenda followed a dynamic program, as al Nordnetters got aligned with the goals, strategy, and future ahead.

As the conference part of the day came to an end, no one knew what to expect for the evening as everyone got a chance to reload and get ready for the evening. Everyone got guided down to the harbor, where a total of 6 boats waited to transport them back into the city.

Ending at Stadshuset

The cruise went through the city, upon docking at Stadshuset – a surprise for all guests and chosen with the purpose to make all of Nordnet feel special. We worked with this historical venue, but made it align with the brand by working with large scale projections, a punk royal themed menu, and by incorporating all things Nordnet in the entertainment and stage program – before heading up to Gyllene Salen for an after party.