Telia Connected Business 2024

The new intelligence

Telia connect to business 2024

Our collective knowledge is greater than ever, and we have never been so inundated with technological innovations. At the same time, our ability to emotionally handle all these impressions becomes more important. At this years Connected Business we together with Telia created a concept that describes just that: the interaction between technology and humans. We called it The New Intelligence. The new intelligence resides at the intersection of the heart and the mind.

Welcome home to Telia.

This year, over 300 of Telia’s clients were invited to Telias office. We discussed, among other things, the technological advancements that impact the world. The challenges and opportunities that arise. The green transition in Norrbotten and the investment leading Sweden into the future.

An inspiring afternoon

Quote from one of the guests:

Great common theme on stage, excellent speakers with different perspectives. Anders Borg was superb! Really enjoyed being out at Telia’s headquarters”.

The New Intelligence is you, me, and us. We are all part of the new intelligence. And of course, we asked the children to tell us about our future.  Listen and learn!