Tele2 Awards 2024

Our biggest challenge when working with the Tele2 Awards is to reinvent ourselves and the concept year after year. This means new design, stage solutions, entertainment, artists—you name it! The mission is to throw the party of the year and make all 2000 guests from Tele2 feel special and treated.

For the Tele2 Awards 2024, we developed a completely new graphical concept that was playful and referenced pop art. This concept embraced the venue and content, making it stand out in the large Tele2 Arena. The stage design was worthy of any arena gig, with an LED structure visible even from the far back of this massive arena. And who wouldn’t want to make their stage entrance from a 3-meter-long staircase?

The event celebrated all Tele2 employees. During a three-course guests dinner, guests were guided through the night by host Shima Niavarani (actor and singer). A total of four awards were handed out and the evening also featured a music quiz around famous artists who have performed in the arena. The stage program also entailed entertainment provided by Shima and Le Hype, and at the end guests got an exclusive performance by Molly Sandén.

It was truly the party of the year!