Scania Buses & Coaches

Customer Event

Scania customer event

The Challenge

Scania is one of our longest partnerships and during 2022 we were given the challenge to activate and create a customer centered event for their Buses and Coaches offer.

As sale cycles and decision making for this market are long and complex, Scania know that building and keeping relationships with their customers from all around the world is key.

The aim for the event where therefore to strengthen relations and create true customer engagement around their buses and coaches offers and products, centered around the communication concept “For each mile and every journey”.

How do we trigger emotions?

We worked together with Scania to create an experience around their content to increase valued reactions. The customer where to feel trust and inclusiveness, know that Scania is a reliable partner that delivers optimized and sustainable solutions.

This and the complexity of the event demanded a well thought out dramaturgy with both expected and unexpected elements. We took the communication concept at heart and realized the emotional potential in “For each mile and every journey”. If every mile represents the rational content, each journey should represent the emotional message.

The collective journeys, the journeys we go through in life. The inner journeys. In order to create effect and a memorable experience, we wanted to trigger the participants emotions.

The event

The event was formed as a three-day long event, stretching over several months as new groups of customers from around the world were invited to the heart of Scania at Södertälje.

The day-programs included topics like Scania’s view on sustainable transport solutions and operating economy, as well as test driving and workshops on future transport. The evening programs were focusing on the inner journeys and more emotional content.

The Experience

As many guests were international, we wanted to combine the values of Scania with the Swedish heritage and Swedish culture of innovation.

In line with this, the guests were during the first night challenged to “dare to dream” and open their minds, while the second evening was a curated dinner at Skyllebyholm where guests got to experience nature, pick herbs and get a taste of taste of the Midsummer Night’s dream.

In addition to this, we also manifested the Scania purpose “Driving the shift” at the MW Hall through an experience tunnel, with plants and flowers that set the tone for the sustainable development that Scania is driving forward – reminding the participants of what we need to preserve for generations to come.

All guests also got treated with a book named “The Journal”, that held information on the Scania legacy, the Swedish heritage and gave background information the dinner and experiences.

The Result

This was as much a creative challenge as it was a logistical one. Over 400 guests from around the world were invited in groups of around 50 each, taking turns in experiencing the event for three days.

The event had a high sustainability profile and we focused on conscious choices in all aspects of our work – from the early concept and design stage, all the way to production and installations.

We worked with the venues in a smart way, and reused technique and decors to keep both new production and costs low. From the start we set the goal to sustainability certified the event, which we succeeded with.