The Launch Event

When Amazon Ads was to launch in the Nordic market, we had the opportunity to work with them for their first ever customer event in Sweden – Day One.

Amazon Ads Launch Event Sweden

A brand aligned launch

The event is all about obsessing over customers, and all details where well thought out. When it comes to venue we wanted to find one that could resonate with the launch in Sweden but also with the highly tech-focused brand (and customers). Therefore, the newly opened Space venue was a great choice.

The story telling

The Screen at Space Arena is not an ordinary one. It’s 58m2, with 8K LED. In order to maximize effect and utilize this function to the fullest all screen content was adapted not only to size, but for presentations. We through away all power points, and all presentations was coordinated with animations and motion graphics on the big screen.

Day one

The event entailed a one and a half hour of rapid presentations, followed by drinks and mingle at the Space Arena Hub. We were happy to be part of one of Amazon Ads first steps on the Swedish Market!