Join Sweden Summit 2022

There are some projects that stands out. That force you to question everything.
Ones that can have true impact if done right.
Selling Sweden is one of them.

Join Sweden PS Occasion

The Mission

In 2018 an investigation was launched by the Swedish government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that was to investigate how we as a nation would further promote foreign investments in our country. As a result, marketing and awareness around Sweden as a brand were identified as key factors in order to succeed. The task was given to Business Sweden – and then further on down to us.

The Solution

Join Sweden Summit 2022 was the meeting place for some of the world’s most important decision makers, influencers and promotors of innovative industry. Our task was to be a part of the work to convince them to establish or expand their presence in Sweden. Through content, exceptional speakers and implacable awareness to detail the results where almost 300 new and qualified leads for Business Sweden with interests in expanding on the Swedish market.

Those that weren’t on site for the two days of packed agenda at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, could join through the digital live broadcast customized for creating as much engagement digitally as if you were on site.

To accompany, build excitement and engage even further a total of 6 films, one podcast and one book was just some of the content connected to the Join Summit.

The Result

The result? 92% of the attendees found Sweden more attractive for investment and expansion. 96% of attendees felt that value created by the Summit met expectations. And the broadcast was viewed in 71 countries.

The summit was also certified as a Sustainable Event.