Planeten Väla

During the H22 City Expo in Helsingborg, Väla Köpcentrum – the largest mall and shopping destination in the area – wanted to do something special

Planeten Väla

Our mission

H22 is an initiative from the city of Helsingborg, with the purpose of engaging the public and other stakeholders in creating sustainable cities.

The expo, that takes place over 35 days, focuses on innovation and collaboration on solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. As H22 is such a big and important event in the region, Väla Centrum wanted to join in on the theme.

The goal was to draw visitors to the shopping destination, while also communicating and focusing on innovation.

Who did we want to engage?

We at PS Occasion were happy to take on the challenge and started with narrowing down the target audience. Because who is it that are the most frequent visitors to a shopping mall? Well, families.

A journey through space

The result was a design and activation concept built to attract, entertain and also educate both kids and adults about something that interests all – space. During the 35 days that H22 City Expo took place, we turned Väla Centrum into “Planeten Väla”. This entailed exhibitions, activities, and inspiring installations in all public spaces at the mall.