H22 City Expo

We were the partner agency when the city of Helsingborg invited the world to together explore the city of the future.

H22 City Expo

The H22 initative

In 2019, a decision was made to increase awareness and up the pace for the city of Helsingborgs work in innovation. The initiative was named H22, with the goal to increase quality of life for all residents.

H22 City expo was to be the meeting place for addressing innovation, sustainability, urbanization and well-fare – at a large scale.

A city transformation

During a period of 35 days in the summer of 2022, the city was transformed and welcomed over a million visitors – curious residents, families and tourists as well as international leaders and innovators. We at PS Occasion collaborated with the city for five signatory events, including the official opening, the UN conference, and the seminars, debated and lectures at the H22 arena.

The impact

There truly are few initiatives as large as H22 City Expo, even on a global scale. The expo was a success.

With over a total of 1 000 000 visitors, 11 % of them being international and over 150 of the Swedish municipalities attending, the space for talks, discussion and innovative ideas was through the roof.

Two thirds experienced the event as innovative and originative, and over 900 articles about the H22 initiative has been published.