ELLE Galan

New dimensions

ELLE Galan byrå

The task

For the first time, Aller Media was on the hunt for a new design and production partner for the awards. 7 agencies where to give suggestions – and the choice fell on us. No pressure, right?

We did not back down. Together with scenographer Sara Widoff, we developed and challenged the old ways by suggestion a new layout, a new approach and a new conceptual take on the biggest fashion event of the year – ELLE Galan.

Concept & content

All décor was to be sustainable, and our way there was by going completely digital. This years concept was “new dimension”, which made us look up to space, through the hubble telescope and back down through the observer – the human eye and the iris. This was the inspiration for all digital content and production.

This combined with a new stage set up, two large and combined LED screen and a third one hanging from the ceiling, created a new feel inside Vinterträdgården. And a new feel for the gala.