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A meeting place that couldn’t be overlooked

Just Arrived centralstationen

Just Arrived

Just Arrived is an organisation helping people newly arrived in our country to enter the labour market by matching them against the needs of Swedish employers. In spite of having the qualifications required, there are many stories of people repeatedly seeking jobs without ever being called to an interview. There is a barrier of misconceptions based on culture and language, but if we can make use of the competence and experience brought to our country, we build more business, better organisations and a better society.

Creating attention

To increase knowledge of Just Arrived among Swedish companies, we created a meeting place for newly arrived and their potential employers. By choosing a public place, we also caught the attention of the public. We put the meeting in focus, and people passing by where invited to the dialogue. Our solution showed to everyone how Just Arrived brings us together to tear down the barrier between the newly arrived looking for jobs and the Swedish employers needing their services.