Neutral Fan zone


UEFA kungsträdgården

The Mission

Ahead of the UEFA Europa League final at Stockholm’s Friends Arena, UEFA asked for our help to create and organize the Neutral Fan Zone, a hub where dedicated football enthusiasts, fans of the teams and a broader audience could find common ground through their passion for the game.

The Result

For five action-packed days leading up to the final, Kungsträdgården in Stockholm hosted fans and football lovers to stage programs with a wide mix of participants and performers, and P4 Radio Stockholm broadcasting live as they crowned Sweden’s greatest footballers through the ages.

The result was more than 50,000 visitors at one of the world’s biggest Fan Zones, and the city of Stockholm showing itself at its very best, with thousands of posts appearing on social media through the project’s various hashtags, meaning both Stockholm and the UEFA Europa League Final reached far beyond the local buzz of Kungsträdgården and Stockholm.