Kick-Off Åre

Koll på Åre

Following our success in handling the company’s anniversary celebrations in 2017, the pressure was on to create something special for Svensk Fastighetsförmedling on their 2018 Kick Off event. With our goals set on consolidating the external communication campaign “Koll på Läget”, we chose to bring everyone to legendary ski village Åre in the northern parts of Sweden for a unique location and a perfect backdrop for discussions and reflection.

The Results

The company brand embraced the entire village of Åre, making the delegates feel at home as they took over the village for a few days. The concept “Koll på Åre” was communicated in everything from pre/post event material, event app, venues, stage décor and dinner themes in a fun, colourful and relaxed graphic design reflecting the event.

Experiences ranged from an outdoor concert in the snow and a conference with a well-known rapper as external speaker, to a DJ-included sledge race and an amazing gala dinner with awards. The event turned out to be highly successful with all our objectives reached and a huge increase of knowledge and understanding of the content communicated.