2X Accelerate


Blocket PS Occasion Event

The Mission

2019 was a big year for Blocket. It was a year filled with action, new recruitments, innovation and new businesses. After a year like that it is easy to slow down. So how do you ensure that the next year will be even more eventful to make sure to reach even higher set goals? By accelerating of course!

Having one of Sweden’s most sustainable business models, it was an easy choice to place Blocket’s conference in Sweden. The natural place to go in february was Åre – by train.

A way to give back

Blockets 2X Accelerate conference was a chance to give something back to the employees whilst focusing forward and creating a common force to reach new successes.

The result was a train ride filled with workshops and business related quizzes. When the group arrived, they had two days packed with meaningful activities and communication to support the business strategy, topping it off with a unique dinner experience that can’t be bought for money.

The last day summarized the whole trip before sending everyone back home. To ensure that everyone completed activities connected to the business strategy on the conference, we produced an app that enabled the employees to take part in workshops during their days on the mountain