Tele2 Awards 2017

The biggest yearly corporate event in Sweden.

Tele2 Awards

High Ambitions

With its ambition to stand shoulder to shoulder with major international TV galas, it is also a monster of a challenge – a challenge that resonates in every level of the project. For 2017, the event was moved back to the Tele2 Arena where we delivered a massive pre-party and gala dinner with awards ceremony, followed by an incredible after party. All this for 2400 guests, and designed to become the stuff of legends.

The Mission

The gala is Tele2’s way of celebrating their employees. It’s a night when winners are introduced in six categories, each representing a company key value, and with two of them being crowned as employees of the year. This event put the highest demands on everything from logistics to staging and creative concept.

The Result

The Tele2 Awards should make all the guests feel that they are working for the best employer in Sweden. It should strengthen a sense of community within, and loyalty towards the company. By starting from Tele2’s advertising concept “School of Power”, we created our own “Tele2 School” and used it as the conceptual setting for the entire evening. Or, as we said it ourselves in our manifesto for the event:

“For one evening, we take over the Tele2 Arena and turn it into the school of power. We not only break the rules, we write our own. School will never be boring again.”

Tele2 wanted to give their employees the “party of the year”. To us, that means going for the highest possible ranking in customer satisfaction. Well, we achieved an average of 5,7 out of 6,0! Might just qualify for “party of the year” status, don’t you think?