Elmia Subcontractor

Weland Elmia

A united stand

To strengthen knowledge and recognition of the Weland brand, Elmia Subcontractor was the first event to see different companies of the Weland corporate group exhibiting from the same stand with the goal to highlight the wide reach and high quality of work available through the group. Creating a space to allow for both longer and shorter meetings representing the different companies involved proved to be a challenge that would offer a formidable result.

The Design

In contrast to the hard, steel products of the company, we created a more inviting and much softer environment. We took advantage of the height available to attract attention and awareness in a trade convention densely packed with competing messages. Leading up to the event, we conducted a remake of the brand to clean up its expression and adapt it to digital environment. Even our choice of furniture, colours and materials accentuated the heritage of the group.

The Result

The result was a brand presence impossible to ignore. Through strategic choices of exposure, interviews and strong social media activation, Weland managed to cut through the noise and set the tone for the entire fair. But most important, the solution built a sense of pride for all involved to work for and represent the Weland group of companies.