WHAT WE DO. We make brands come to life through experiences and we do it in whatever way is needed in order to get through. Yes, we work with brands, but not just any brands. They are usually on a mission to accomplish something and usually it can be described as a business challenge. We then turn that brand into something worth listening to. Through powerful stories staged in powerful experiences we open people up and from there we are able to move them. We move them into a place where they can better understand, commit and get engaged. That is our way of building brands for the future.


CONTENT – Achieving reach & results. Impact is worthless if there is no one there to experience it. In order to get through and deliver reach in our projects, teams of strategists and creatives handle everything from brand strategy to traditional advertising, digital and PR. As well as everything in between. Today, the underlying principle is that first you DO something interesting, then you have something interesting to SAY. Therefore our marketing approach often serves as an integrated part of every project to help amplify our solutions in order to deliver results.

DESIG Digiphysical installations & interactions. When so much today is one-off, digital and made-to-forget, the value of something lasting is higher than ever. Our design offers are merging expertise in architecture and design with brand strategy and storytelling. Our solutions range from showrooms to exhibitions, interior design and installations. They are all communication projects where physical design is at the core.  In a thousand years when archaeologists dig in the mud trying to understand today’s world, they will not find roll-ups, big data or print-ads. But they may encounter an exhibition called “1000 Innovationer” or the “Tele2 Arena”. Who knows? 


EVENT  Producing love & loyalty. Almost everything in life is built around rational things. Yet, as humans we are notoriously irrational and there are no algorithms that can break down what for example love feels like. Our events are all about emotions and we are forever looking for that umpf-essense around your particular brand. In order to turn brands into experiences we take advantage of the unexpected and use all of our senses to get the message through. After all, events are designed with the aim to achieve impact and this doesn’t change whether we are talking about a product launch, a party, a conference, a road trip or an expo.
PS Occasion started off as an event agency and we cherish that legacy everyday.

ONLINE  Always on. Living in a non-linear world we have been great at online productions for many many years. Whether you call it live, on demand, streaming, webcast, interactive, broadcast, narrowcast – we have done it and continue to do so as you read this. Here we combine our skills in producing engaging content with our experience in distribution. We master all the different platforms you may have heard of, plus some more. The key thing is not only to get it to work, but to transform your transmission into an experience driving your brand. Let us do that for you.